ETIS conference and Accessible Tourism workshop


This is a joint event combining a conference on the European Tourism Indicators System (ETIS) on the first day and a workshop on accessible tourism on the second.

European Tourism Day 2015


The event is organized by the European Commission on annual basis and serves as a platform to exchange views on tourism topics.

Live events on digital tourism: Thinking mobile


Mobile is already part of and will increasingly dominate every aspect of travel. This webinar will help businesses understand the changes taking place and help them prepare for it.

Live events on digital tourism: Succeeding in social


This webinar will provide advice on how to effectively decide on and manage social media networks as part of a business strategy.

Live events on digital tourism: Importance of content


Webinar will explain the importance of content in tourism marketing and how to plan for, publish and disseminate great content to promote any business.

Live events on digital tourism: Managing your online reputation


Aimed at helping established businesses understand the importance of ‘reputation’ online, this webinar will provide practical tips on how to shape these to improve business performance.