What is EUFED?


European Federation of Youth Hostel Associations (EUFED) is a non-profit making association having its mission to develop the cooperation and networking of European Youth Hostel Associations based on common youth hostelling values and economic sustainability.

Key Principles

Key working principles are the following:

  • To work together with all European Youth Hostel Associations and Hostelling International (HI) in order to achieve the mission.
  • To develop a common vision and actions of European Youth Hostel Associations.
  • To be flexible in meeting realities of Youth Hostel Associations (legal, cultural, structural issues, difference in financial and human resources etc.).
  • To support the mission of HI to fully develop the potential of international hostelling business in the European Region.


  • Strong European network and effective cooperation among European Youth Hostel Associations.
  • All European Youth Hostel Associations are solid and have the capacity (knowledge and resources) to advise hostels they manage in how to improve their services.
  • The key EUFED initiatives, projects, promotion are on track and bring benefits and added value to European Youth Hostel Associations.
  • EUFED and European Youth Hostel Associations are recognised at international and national level for their work and values they represent and promote.

EUFED Statutes