EUFED is the acronym of "European Federation of Youth Hostel Associations".

EUFED is a non-profit making association having its mission to develop the cooperation and networking of European Youth Hostel Associations based on common youth hostelling values and economic sustainability.

EUFED works together with all European Youth Hostel Associations, Hostelling International and other tourism stakeholders in order to coordinate common actions on a development of the potential of international hostelling business in the European Region.

No. EUFED is co-operating with various political bodies of the European Union, other European intergovernmental institutions and a wide variety of European non-governmental organisations working in related areas (youth, tourism, sustainable development). EUFED closely cooperates with Hostelling International.

As regards membership in EUFED, it is not restricted to Youth Hostel Associations active in member states of the European Union. Youth Hostel Associations in non EU countries are able to become a member of EUFED (subject they belong to the Hostelling International).

EUFED is funded from membership subscriptions paid by European youth hostel associations.

EUFED works with European Youth Hostel Associations in order to develop their cooperation and networking based on common youth hostelling values and economic sustainability.

Individual travellers should contact national associations instead for more information on addresses, prices, travel tips, organised tours, legal questions, etc. 

EUFED works with European Youth Hostel Associations.

National Youth Hostel Associations are umbrella organisations for the hostels within that country.  

A hostel is good quality budget accommodation that offers a comfortable night's sleep in a friendly atmosphere at an affordable price. Hostels also provide the perfect way to get to know a country at low cost and meet many like-minded travellers while using the communal facilities such as the bar or lounge, the kitchen. Hostels offer a wide range of accommodation including shared rooms (either single sex or mixed) and private rooms. Private rooms are becoming increasingly popular at hostels, making hostels open to families and couples as well as individuals and groups.

Hostels welcomes everyone, regardless of age, race, nationality, colour, religion, sex, class or political opinions.  Families are welcome to stay at a large number of hostels, but you should check with the hostel directly, as certain conditions may apply, for example, you may need to book a private room. Groups (10+ people) are also welcome in many of hostels and specially catered for; you can find detailed information on groups dedicated website here

Youth Hostels are just about everywhere where travellers may want to go, at least in Europe. Information on youth hostels, facilities and prices can be found on Hostelling International website - use the search tool to find the country you wish to visit. You can also consult national associations separately.

You do not need to be a member in order to make your booking online or stay at a hostel. 

If you want to qualify for special deals including lower cost travel, we strongly advise you to become a member of the Youth Hostel Association in the country where you live or purchase a Hostelling International eMembership.

An eMembership is the electronic form of membership to the HI network, which can be purchased at the time of booking with your hostel stay. You will not receive a plastic card but you will be a full member for 12 months from the date you activate your eMembership. Alternatively, you can purchase the eMembership card from your National Youth Hostel Association. 

If you are already travelling outside of your country of residence or you do not have a National Youth Hostel  Association in your country of residence, you can purchase an international membership card when you arrive at hostel. Prices can vary between hostels, so please contact them directly for assistance using the contact details available on the hostel’s page.

It is a basic rule that in any country, only one youth hostel association is recognised by Hostelling International. For historical reasons, specific situations apply in Austria, Belgium and the UK. However, in all the countries you may find competing hostels. Only the network which displays the typical HI logo will provide you hostels with assured standards. 

EUFED is committed to protect your privacy. 

The software used by EUFED uses encrypts so your personal information cannot be read as it travels over the Internet. 

We will never collect sensitive information about you or pass your personal data to third parties without your explicit consent. 

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