Exchange of Volunteers

General Aspects

EUFED in cooperation with promoters (other European and International organisations working with youth) organizes an exchange of volunteers where young Europeans can perform unpaid and full-time/part-time (or as agreed) voluntary activities in hostel or youth hostel association of a foreign country within or outside the EU. The federation believes that a strong focus on training and personal and task-related support will help young people to develop skills and competences which will be useful in their future employment or education. Hostels which will accept the volunteers will benefit from different point of view the volunteers provide, promotion and visibility.

EUFED’s aim of this project is to provide a non-formal learning and intercultural dimension to volunteers and promotion to hostels.

EUFED cooperates with promoters as with partners of the project which help EUFED in promoting the project in all European countries and finding young volunteers. 

Participant organisations

National youth hostel associations (NAs) or hostels they manage can participate in this initiative. Cooperation in this initiative shall be composed of Host Organization (hostel or NA) and EUFED. EUFED, Host Organization (hostel or NA) and Volunteer are required to conclude a Volunteering agreement. EUFED remains as the Coordinator of a project.


The duration of the volunteering activities is decided by participant organizations and volunteer. 

Volunteering agreement

The Volunteering agreement is a mandatory agreement signed between EUFED, host organization (National Youth Hostel Association or hostel) and volunteer for the purpose of the project.

Financial regime

There is no EU contribution to this volunteering project.


The project on volunteering is continuous and information/questionnaires/feedback must be submitted to EUFED on or before the deadline EUFED specifies.