Staff Exchange

Taking into account EUFED’s target which is to create a strong European network and effective cooperation among national youth hostel associations (NAs), EUFED initiates a project where employees of NAs (or hostels they manage) could participate in a staff exchange in NA (or hostel) of a foreign country within or outside the EU. EUFED believes that staff exchanges are one of the means of broadening an individual's experience and the organisation's overall capability. Staff exchange is broadly recognised among other organisations as giving the benefits for both, employee and organisation: sharing skills, ideas, best practice and developing their staff.

EUFED’s aim of this project is to strengthen partnerships through staff exchanges and networking.


National youth hostel associations (NAs) and hostels they manage can participate in this initiative. A partnership in this initiative shall be composed of at least two associations/hostels established in two different EU Member States or other European countries. All participant organizations are required to conclude a partnership agreement. EUFED remains as the Coordinator of a project.


The duration of individual staff exchanges is decided by participant organizations. 


No maximum size for an exchange project. The size of the project and of the partnership will depend on the expected number of staff to be exchanged.

Partnership agreement

The Partnership agreement is a mandatory agreement signed between all participant organizations for the purpose of the project.

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