Principles to be respected

  • Employees (staff) are all people who work at national youth hostel associations and hostels they manage. Employees can benefit from specific training throughout the staff exchange and agree on their expected learning outcomes, processes and methods in advance. Specific training, processes and methods are drafted by EUFED in cooperation with employee and participant organizations.
  • Participation is free for employees.
  • A solid partnership between participant organisations and EUFED (Coordinating Organisation) is the basis of every staff exchange.
  • Full-time service and active role of the employee during staff exchange have to be ensured. Employee’s activities during staff exchange must not replace any employment.
  • Staff exchange shall benefit participant organizations by strengthening partnerships and networking.
  • Daily meals and accommodation are free of charge for the employees participating in staff exchange.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion: when choosing employees for a staff exchange, the participant organisations maintain the overall accessibility of project for all people, without prejudice related to ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion, etc.
  • One thing all the activities have in common is a clear European and intercultural learning dimension. The project is a mutually beneficial process, where everybody gains from getting to know the other's culture and way of working.