EUFED Activities

Earth Hour 2015


Earth Hour is a charitable organisation based out of Singapore. Their mission is uniting people to protect the planet. 

Earth Hour was famously started as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Since then it has grown to engage more than 172 countries and territories worldwide.

On 28 March 2015, a number of youth hostels engaged in the events from the following countries: 




  • Aix-les-Bains YH : had an acoustic concert
  • Boulogne-sur-Mer YH : organized a meal with candles and local and organic food
  • Bourges YH : organized meal with candles
  • Cadouin YH : organized games with candles
  • Cancale YH : switched the lights off
  • Lanslebourg YH : released Chinese lanterns into air
  • Lyon YH : organized "Low Carbon" evening (no phone, computer and etc.)
  • Marseille Bois Luzy YH : organized  a contest of skill games in the darkness
  • Marseille Bonneveine YH : organized an evening with candles
  • Nice YH : organized a musical cocktail party
  • Paris Cité des Sciences YH : organized a decoration workshop (with used bulbs…) and phosphorescent games (coconut shy, table tennis…)
  • Paris Yves Robert YH : organized a table tennis tournament in the dark with a DJ
  • Séez-les-Arcs YH : organized games with candles and meal with local food
  • Vierzon TH : organized a round table discussion on the global warming


  • Dream Hostel, Tampere : switched off the lights and advised customers to wisely use lights during the hour. 
  • Eurohostel, Helsinki : switched off the lights and advised customers to wisely use lights during the hour. 
  • Hostel Erottajanpuisto, Helsinki : switched off the lights and advised customers to wisely use lights during the hour. 
  • Stadion Hostel, Helsinki : switched off the lights and advised customers to wisely use lights during the hour. 
  • HI Finland Office : switched off the lights and enjoyed natural light from big windows instead.


 Commemorated by switching off the lights.


In order to commemorate the Earth Hour and Earth Day, REAJ developed the “Earth Month” starting on 22nd March (with the preparations of the Earth Hour) and finishing on 22nd April (Earth Day). All youth hostels were encouraged to engage in the 'Earth Month".


 Youth hostels organized:

  • dinner with candles and torchlit procession;
  • activity around ecology with group of children;
  • activity around ecology with a group of people coming to the Youth Hostel for a seminar around sustainable development;
  • and turning off the lights.


  • Oostende – hostel De Ploate: turned of the lights and asked guests to make compositions with candles. The hostel in Oostende works closely with WWF. 
  • Antwerp Central Hostel (Pulcinella): switched off the lights.
  • Mechelen – hostel De Zandpoort: switched off the lights.
  • Leuven – hostel De Blauwput: switched off the lights.
  • National Association VJH: announced and shared information about Earth Hour and Earth Day via website, Facebook and Twitter. 


HI Iceland youth hostels switched off all lights and had a programme for guests to join in, such as candle workshops, reading ghost stories, playing cards and unplugged music by candlelight.


Preikestolen Hostel and Oslo Hostel Haraldsheim switched off all lights during Earth Hour.


Switched off the lights in the office of the association.


HI Portugal was involved in the celebration of the Earth Hour and Earth Day, through actions in Youth Hostels and a campaign on the site and on Facebook of Youth Hostels in Portugal.


Published the information on their website and encouraged youth hostels to participate.


SYHA Hostelling Scotland was participating via website and social media.


Prepared a Photo competition (from 28 March to 22 April) and encouraged youth hostels to participate.