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Je suis Charlie


FUAJ and its youth hostel network were in mourning on Thursday 8 January as the French people, the civil society and the public sector was. "Freedom, Equality, Fraternity" the 3 pillars of the French Republic are currently more than ever the main values to resist and to be indignant at the barbarity that appended last Wednesday in Paris. FUAJ published a declaration on its website and Facebook and called FUAJ trustees, employees, volunteers and members to meet together in the youth hostels everywhere in France to share the minute of silence at noon in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack. The values of the youth hostels and the ambition to build a culture of Peace with the new generation through the intercultural dialogue have been underlined. FUAJ will host the IOU Respect program this year and express its deep commitment to the YH movement mission based activity to generate a better world. FUAJ believes that this tool could be helpful.

One of the cartoonists, Cabu, who were killed during the attack, was a militant of the youth hostel movement in the sixties and he signed an article with cartoons about it in Charlie Hebdo.