Activities and Projects of National Associations

Snow and Music Festival in Sarajevo


The event is dedicated to foreign tourists aged from 18-35 years and who are fans of winter activities. Organizers of the festival will provide licensed and experienced skiing and snowboarding instructors, insurance and mountain rescue. The festival will host series of events such as: ski and snowboard competitions, competitions in snowballing, competitions in tire-sledding, competitions in sledding, competitions in paintball on the snow and other.

For more information and pricing please consult the programme

Visa Policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina: 

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, citizens of the Member States of the European Union may enter into Bosnia and Herzegovina with a passport or a valid identity card. Visa policy to citizens of other countries can be consulted at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Snow and Music Festival in Sarajevo