EUFED Activities

Campaign "Sleep for Peace"


Campaign “Sleep for Peace” was initiated by HI USA with a goal this year to commemorate the International Day of Peace in a different way, reflecting on the personality of each individual hostel. HI USA as well as other HI hostels coordinated by CIDAJAL (Hostels of South America), hosted a variety of activities in commemoration of the UN International Day of Peace.

EUFED encouraged all national associations in Europe to join the campaign and promote a more tolerant world through hostelling. 

The following countries got involved in the campaign and did the following:

Belgium (LAJ)

  • Printed posters and spread them through youth hostels.
  • Wrote articles about the project and the values and posted them on social media and also in internal newsletter.

Belgium (VHJ)

  • Encouraged hostel staff to invite guests to take a picture making the peace sign in front of emblematic element of peace, or “Sleep for Peace”, in hostel and posted to social media sites.
  • Encourage hostel staff to post the hash tag #SleepForPeace in various places throughout the hostel and across their own social media channels to increase awareness.
  • Provided posters to hostel staff to hang in hostels and shared on their own social media.

Northern Ireland (HINI)

  • Set a bed up in Belfast hostel lobby on the day and got their guests (and staff) to pose on the bed making peace signs for social media usage.

Latvia (Hostelling Latvia)

  • Distribute the information among youth hostels.

Slovenia (HI Slovenia)

  • Hostel Tresor took their guests on a culinary journey through traditional Slovenian dishes. After that breakfast area turned into a board game room. A mixed crowd of locals, travellers and hostel staff challenged at the table.
  • In Hostel Proteus a meditation for everyone took place.

Italy (AIG Hostels)

  • Promoted a “national contest” among their hostels to see which youth hostel will collect the largest number of photos or video of guests near the posters with their names/Country origin to be.
  • Posted to social media with the hashtags #sleepforpeace and #AIG<name of the hostel>.

Spain (REAJ)

  • Displayed posters about the Day of Peace to promote this in  the facilities of hostels, websites, social networks.
  • Explained to the staff what is the Day of Peace and the goals and mission of the program Sleep for Peace.
  • Encouraged actions to achieve participation in the social media, using the same #SleepForPeace.
  • Who’s been sleeping in my sheets?!: Hostellers was encouraged to leave handprints on a savanna and  imprint their nationality.
  • “Eat” for Peace: encouraged staff to organize a special lunch for the Peace.

Austria (OJHW)

  • Distributed information to youth hostels.

Estonia (HI Estonia)

  • Spread the information among their youth hostels.

Hungary (Magyarországi Ifjúsági Szállások Szövetsége)

  • Distributed the initiative to the hostels.
  • The Aventura Boutique Hostel took part in the promotion: did the signing on sheets and paper.

Scotland (SYHA)

  • Promoted the Sleep for Peace Campaign through its social media and website channels as well as throughout hosteling network in Scotland.

Campaign "Sleep for Peace"